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Paid Submission Service

Welcome to DreamSubmit Paid Submission Service.

How does dreamsubmit use the paid amount?
Why does dreamsubmit have a paid service?

How does dreamsubmit use the paid amount?
Every time you pay dreamsubmit for a service, it helps DreamSubmit do the following:

1 - 50% of the amount:
Half the amount is needed to keep the site alive and running (manual submit personnel, maintenance and support).

2 - next 25% of the amount:

A q
uarter of the amount for looking ahead (R and D activities)

3 - rest 25% of the amount:
And the rest of the quarter for the children of the world - sponsoring a learning driven collaborative activity called 'Project Solar Eclipse' where children from different parts of the world can interact.

Part of this project can be seen at www.colorsofindia.com


Why does dreamsubmit have a paid service?
Dreamsubmit charges mainly for the manual submission (the auto submissions are provided as a bonus). This is because personnel from DreamSubmit take time and efforts to submit all the details of the website that you provide, manually one by one to each of the search engines. The paid services differ in the number of manual submit options - more the number of manual submissions more the amount charged for the service. The team at DreamSubmit does the hard work of submission.

Go ahead and submit in one click and a smile.

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