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Thanks a lot

DreamSubmit thanks many of its users for sending back such useful feedback. Your feedback has been very helpful in improving DreamSubmit. DreamSubmit is also proud to have over 100,000 satisfied users. Here are a few examples:


"Thank You for a great site like this it really is a webmasters dream! fantastic! keep it free!"
- Rick

"Fastest, easiest service I've ever used. I need to reserve final judgment until I see if I get listings. But so far, simply tremendous. Thank you!"
- S. Simons

"Great site!! Thanks for making the process so easy."
- Lynn Ryerson

"Very quick, Efficient and well-designed. (Even compared to JimTools.com) The Best."
- John Richard Green

"Seems killer!"
- Drew Ercolono

"Dreamsubmit is really awesome. I haven't found anything quite like it so far."
- Jean W Pharaon


"This Is Too Good To Be True...... I Like It.... "
- Sagar D. Navalkar

"The site is great, pleasing to use and easy on the eye. If it works anything like it looks, it's one really good place to reccommend"
- Latha Warrier

"If it is working then it is really a dreamsubmit. Thank you"

- Maevin


"Best Submit site and userfriendly interface"
- Jimmy George

"A free submission site? what's not to like? thank you thank you thank you"
- Walt Cronin

Thanks a Lot Everyone ! ! !

Dream Submit Website logo
Home> DreamShack> Contact Us> Thank you