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Welcome to DreamSubmit-China
../-- If you have a website that is specific to India, then this submission service is designed specially to reach your site to the most relevant search engines and directories in this regional category. DreamSubmit by using both 'Manual and Multisubmit' method of submissions ensures that your website is listed properly in many significant search engines and directories.

'DreamSubmit is a friendly, effortless, easy, convenient, reliable, fast and comprehensive Hong Kong and China focussed website submitting service'



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Details of DreamSubmit Special Service -
Manual 10/25/50 + Multiple Submission to Chinese-Hong Kong and Universal SE's and Directories:
for only US$ 10/25/200 (why?)
DreamSubmit team will do Manual submission to 10/25/50 major Chinese + Universal Search Engines and Directories (About, Yahoo, MSN Search, Dmoz, CDnet, etc.) according to categories specific to your site  (why?)(see list)
+ DreamSubmit will do Multiple submission of your website to 5/10 China focussed Search Engines and Directories (see list)

+ DreamSubmit will Multi-submit your website to 100 Universal True Search Engines and Directories - auto submission once a month, repeated 12 times (why?)(see list),
+ DreamSubmit will also Multi-submit your website to 150 Topical Search Engines and Directories - relevant ones from this lot is chosen for submission - auto submission once a month, repeated 12 times (why?)(see list).

DreamSubmit really does the hard work of submissions - for you!

(a total of over 1440 submissions in a year)

Go ahead and select with a smile:


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 Dreamsubmit has only relevant and real-true-major search engines to promote your site (no FFA's to inflate the list).

         Dreamsubmit reaches your website far and near over
         the whole wide web including Hong Kong and China with
         a smile.

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